Best Charging Solutions For The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The year 2021 begins with the top tier line from Samsung. The flagship trio with the Samsung Galaxy S21 name will be coming out in two weeks time. But after the recent launch of the Samsung S21 Series people found out that, like Apple, there wouldn’t be a charging brick included. 

The Android world was dumbfounded but many accepted it as the company showing a more environmentally conscious side. Many also speculated that it was a cost cut given the effect the pandemic had on many companies. Knowing what won’t come in the box, we’ve put together the best charging accessories to accompany the premium flagship model, the Samsung S21 Ultra.  

Insights To Fast Charging

Unlike last year’s model, the Samsung S21 Ultra isn’t equipped with the 45 watt fast charging capability. You can find out the reason here. With the S21 series, all models juice up at 25 watts tops with fast charging. It’s overwhelming when numbers are lined up and people don’t understand the system behind the numbers. It’s important to know that the Samsung S21 Ultra achieves fast charging (from 0 to 80 percent) when you use the appropriate accessories. But you have to make sure it’s the right one.

Samsung took out the 45 watt fast charging from this year’s model in lieue of safety and practicality. The Samsung S21 flagship series all come with a 25 watt charging limit. It may not sound impressive as compared to the S20 last year but it minimizes the risks that come with the high wattage. In any case, you still don’t get a charging brick when you get a Samsung flagship this year so this blog presents charging solutions for your Samsung S21 Ultra.

Fast Charging Solution for the Samsung S21 Ultra

The Samsung S21 Ultra is the top tier model for the series S21, it’s the cream of the crop. That means, it has the biggest battery and the longest time to charge if the right accessory isn’t used. The  Pd45 Power Delivery Wall Charger With 2.4a Usb Port provides a faster than conventional charging. With Smart Charging Technology, the Pd45 identifies that your Samsung S21 Ultra, Samsung S21 Plus and S21 have unique charging requirements. Even though its output power is 45 watts via its Type-C port, you’ll never have to worry about overcharging or overheating. And with an additional USB port, you can also charge other mobiles and tablets at the same time. 

Charging In The Car

Of course you’ll be bringing your Samsung S21 Ultra everywhere. And even with that humungous battery, you’ll be needing that extra boost in the car when you’re traveling and using your phone as a navigation tool. A great charging solution for this is the J48 Fast Car Charger | Dual Port | Qc 3.0 + Usb C | Car Phone Charger. It has that dual port allowing you to charge two devices at a time. The J48 has a PD 30W Type C port that will provide ultra fast charging on one device while the second port offers Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. You’ll get up to an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes. That’s speed and convenience in one go. 

Setting up your car charging solutions would be great if you have that perfect mount as well. The Simpl Cradle Car Vent Phone Mount Holder offers easy mounting of your Samsung S21 Ultra without the hassle of pulling the grips apart. The one touch button allows for the convenience of attaching your phone even with one hand. It’s capable of holding any of the Samsung S21 flagship series phones. 

Wireless Charging On The Go

For those who can’t really stay in one place, wireless charging on the go is necessary for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Say you’re a vlogger using that amazing quad rear camera set up or the 40 MP selfie camera, you’re going to be needing a top up for those multiple location shoots. If you don’t have a car for a car charger then a wireless charging solution should be in your vlogging bag. 

Rockstone’s 8000mAh wireless charging powerbank comes in 4 awesome colors, providing 10 watts of power you won’t be waiting long to get back to your filming. With the capabilities to charge 3 devices at once, one device via its wireless charging pad and two devices via its USB-A ports you’ll have those vlogging essentials topped up in no time as well. Match it up with cables to fit your personality and style. Get the Tangle Free 2 Meter Braided Type C Charge & Sync Cable or the Pet Friendly Metal Tangle Free Braided Type C Cable at 1.2 meters long with a high quality build. You’ll find it tough and flexible for those long hauls and extremely difficult projects. 

Final Thoughts

Investing on quality accessories is the best thing you can do while waiting for your much awaited Samsung S21 Ultra. But if you’re one of the lucky ones who have theirs earlier than the rest of us, then take it as a treat and get these best charging solutions for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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