Best Wireless Charging Pads For Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series just dropped at the turn of the new year and it is enjoying a good amount of attention. However, with a lot of changes from the previous iteration, the S21 flagship trio also faces a lot of criticism. From losing the charging brick as well as the headphones (and the headphone jack - since the S20 series), there have been flack coming from all sides. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the release date inching closer and closer. Many are still waiting in high anticipation but until January 29 comes let’s go ahead and check out the best wireless charging pads for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Combination

The Galaxy S21 was launched with four distinct colors. Although it is the base model, Samsung didn’t scrimp on the beauty nor the design of the S21. This year’s model has the vanilla colored and violet with gold accent S21 phones which will surely be the favorite of the ladies. A great wireless charger to go with the two colors are the Nitro Ii Wireless Charging Pad in White and the purple-colored Nitro Ii Wireless Charging Pad. You can even mix and match it with a fashionable case and Pet Friendly Metal Tangle Free Braided Type C Cable in Rose Gold. Although this is the base model, Samsung came up with colors carried only by the Samsung S21 which are the pink, grey and the vanilla or white color. The Apollo Marble Aluminium Wireless Charging Pad in Unicorn would look so cute with these limited colors. 

Perfect for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung took a step further this year as the colors are quite unique for each model in the series. With the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus the different colors have distinct names: Phantom Black, Phantom Violet, Phantom Red, Phantom Gold and Phantom Silver. The Phantom Red and Gold are the limited edition colors that can only be bought online with about 4 to 5 weeks lead time. For these limited colors, Apollo Marble Aluminium Wireless Charging Pad In Gold and the Nitro II Wireless Charging Pad In Red would be a perfect match. 

Best Choices for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Now, the top of the line, Samsung S21 Ultra will also carry unique and exclusive colors. 

The Samsung S21 Ultra's Phantom Navy, Phantom Brown, and Phantom Titanium are all “made to order” custom colors that will take between 4 to 5 weeks. This means, these colors will be released later than the January 29 scheduled date for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. 

The colors of the S21 Ultra present a more serious tone. There has never been a color like the Phantom Brown which presents a dark bronze shade accentuated perfectly by the black camera module. The Titanium color - which presents a matte grayish black hue is unique as there aren’t many smartphones with this reserved but distinguished color. The Nitro II Wireless Charging Pad in Black can be a perfect match for the very low key but classic colors of the S21 Ultra. Another great charging pad is the Nitro II Wireless Charging Pad in Blue that will fit the Phantom Navy as well. 

Not Just Pretty Colors

Not only do the wireless charging pads colors accentuate the Samsung S21 Series, they come Qi-certified with a full 10-watt fast charging output. It would be best to match these charging pads with a Qualcomm Quick Charger 3.0 Wall charger to ensure the fastest charging speed. Remember that fast charging is highly dependent on the compatibility of the accessories you use together with your smartphone. Make sure your accessories share the same capabilities so you can achieve optimal charging speed.


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