Best Fast Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Introducing the Future

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 series could never have come at a better time. The arrival of 2021 was something many looked forward to as it meant leaving a tumultuous and chaotic 2020 behind. The flagship trio, the S21, S21 Plus and the S21 Ultra, were released on the 29th of January and many were excited for the big reveal. However, it was not without controversy. 

Following many of the leaks that came out before the Unpacked event, the public had been in constant speculation if Samsung would be following in the footsteps of its longstanding rival. Apple had been in constant flux of its marketing and sales strategy but had always been ahead of taking it away for the sake of something at a global scale. Now, it seems Samsung is taking that route as well. 

The new Samsung S21 Plus like the others in the series won’t be getting a number of crucial things in its package. Like Apple, Samsung has taken away the charging brick from the package with the aim of decreasing global pollution. While many have voiced out their frustration and discontent, it has been considered acceptable by those who support the environment. 

Now, with more people weighing the option to buy into the new Samsung flagship ecosystem, you may have to read on about charging solutions to consider for the S21 Plus.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in this featured article:

  • Deal Breaker: Inside the Box of the S21 Plus
  • Charging Solutions for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
    • Portable Single S21 Plus Charging
    • Charging for Two: The S21 Plus Dual Port
    • Power Delivery on the Double
    • Car Charging Solution
    • Long and Tough Cable for the S21 Plus
    • Fast Chargers (Power Adapters) for Galaxy S21 Plus
  • Keeping Everything Environment Worthy
  • On A Final Note

Deal Breaker: Inside the box of the S21 Plus

No one lineup has ever been perfect. The S20 had problems with their refresh rates even though their camera system had been praised across the globe. The iPhone 12 series compared poorly with their Samsung counterpart when it came to camera performance. With the incumbent flagship lineup including the S21 Plus, it seems the deal breakers aren't with the devices themselves but with the packaging. 

Many people had an inkling of what to expect when they opened the box. It’s simple packaging, with little flair and with just three things inside. When you open the box, the device which is the Samsug Galaxy S21 Plus will momentarily blind you as you will admire its beauty followed by the USB Type-C data and the accompanying cable. As with most packaging, the information packet and warranty card is there as well. You’ll also find the box containing the ejection tool somewhere in between that. There’s no charging brick or wall adapter and neither is there any earphones included.

Many are still reeling from this knowledge. You can see YouTube vlogger Flossy Carter express his displeasure in his unboxing of the S21 Plus here when there was no adapter to be found. However, in reality, even with the flack that Samsung initially gave Apple, it was inevitable ever since Apple started it two years ago.

Charging Solutions For the Samsung S21 Plus

As it was announced during the launch early this month, the Samsung S21 Plus doesn’t come with a power brick or charger. Whether you consider this a bad thing or not, on the flipside it will give you a whole lot of choices for the best charging solutions on the market. Given that some Android based companies are opting to lighten their packaging you can expect many devices from here on now to do that same thing moving forward. 

But beyond that dark cloud is a rainbow of great choices for your devices anyway. So, here are great S21 Plus accessory suggestions that you can buy.

Portable Single S21 Plus Charging 

If you’re looking for a fast charging wall charger that has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 then the  Q1 Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger can offer that plus so much more. With a max output power of 18W and 4x faster charge delivery, your Samsung S21 Plus will definitely get juiced up in no time. It’s also perfect for wireless charging if you’ve invested in a wireless pad.

If you’re worried about accidentally leaving your devices plugged in for a long time, there’s no need to. With an over current protection, you won’t experience any overheating or cause problems on any of your gadgets. Oh, and did we tell you it’s portable? With a foldable plug, you’ll definitely be bringing this S21 Plus fast charger  wherever you need to go. Throw it into your bag for an overnight trip or carefully lay it in a suitcase for a business trip, you’re ready to charge anywhere.

Charging for Two: The S21 Plus Dual Port

The Q2 Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger + 2.4a Usb Port offers a different kind of experience to the Q1 in that it has a dual power port system. It also features Qualcomm Quick Charge technology to allow fast charging for your Samsung S21 Plus at 4 times faster than a standard charger. You don’t need to worry that it’ll slow down when you use the 2 ports. With an output of between 25W to a max output of 30W from the Qualcomm 3.0 port and another port with a 2.4a capacity, you’re sure to charge devices simultaneously with more than adequate speed. It’s also a great option as well for juicing up one gadget and a wireless stand or pad.

And, just like the Q1, it’s portable. You can fold the metal plugs and bring it anywhere you go. It’s a perfect S21 Plus fast charger for a group meeting in a cafe or an all-nighter for that thesis you need to finish outside the house. The dual ports will be beneficial to business people looking to charge multiple Usb gadgets as well.

Power Delivery: Charging On the Double

For the more modern and discerning S21 Plus user, a Type-C port will be the preferred option. But having that and a 2.4 USB port will surely set the standards for some users. The Pd45 Power Delivery Wall Charger With 2.4a Usb Port provides fast charging with an output power delivery of 45W especially for laptop and tablets. This powerport accessory will be an asset for gadgets with high consumption needs. But this will be even more so with your Samsung S21 Plus. You will definitely reach that 80% charge in 30 minutes with this port. The 2.4 Amp USB port can be a secondary port for other devices if you need to charge two at the same time. Use one for your gadgets and then use the other for a wireless charging stand or a wireless pad on your side table. Power and efficiency all rolled into one - a definite fast charger that you can rely on and a great buy altogether.

Car Charging Solution

Travel is an essential part of people in businesses or careers that require going from place to place. In the ride sharing business, a car charging solution is not only an asset, it is something that they are highly dependent on. Being dependent on S21 Plus charging solutions in the car you’ll need something you can trust and fall back on. 

You’ll need a fast charger in the car for your devices if you’re taking your Samsung S21 Plus with you on your rides or your travel plans. The J48 Fast Car Charger | Dual Port | Qc 3.0 + USB C | Car Phone Charger can provide PD 30W via its Type-C port and opt to charge another device with a secondary Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB port. You’ll have your Samsung S21 Plus powered up by the time you reach your destination, not to mention have the chance to power up other phones for people in need. You’ll be that life saver with the perfect fast charging solution anywhere you go.

Long and Tough Cable for the S21 Plus

It’s true that Samsung provided that Type-C cable in the box but the caveat to the bundled cable is that it’s never long enough when you’re topping up your devices. The Pet Friendly Metal Tangle Free Braided Type C Cable is long at 1.2 meters. That length would be more than enough to comfortably charge your S21 Plus phone if it’s too far from the socket. Don’t worry about it tangling up, it’s braided and made from tangle free material. Having pets around the house won’t be a problem too, it has a tough braided aluminium cover that’s lightweight but can also keep those teeth out and the electric wire safely in. It fits all standard wall adapters and car chargers. It can also be used as a great attachment to a wireless pad when you’re into wireless charging. Not only is it a great accessory for juicing up, it also supports super fast data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps.

Fast Chargers (Power Adapters) for Galaxy S21 Plus

We live in a fast paced environment, with many people on the go and pretty much strapped for time with work and their daily activities. It’s not uncommon to see people invest in phones and devices with much bigger batteries to ensure prolonged phone usage. We also see an explosion of those battery packs and powerbanks that are all over the market these days. And let’s not forget that wireless charging has also become a growing trend with many wireless devices popping up. That relative freedom and ease of putting your phone onto a wireless charger has attracted many people both young and old.

For those aiming to get that power adapter for their Galaxy S21 Plus, you have a these to choose from. The Apollo Marble Aluminum Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with Apple and Android devices. It’s Qi-certifiied and you can expect a full output of 10-watts. The Led charging indicator makes it easy to tell if it’s working or not. You can even match it with the pet friendly braided cables mentioned above and magnetic folio wallet cases in the market. If you prefer a more subtle version, the Nitro II Wireless Charging Pad in black has the same specs as well. Perfect S21 Plus chargers for any kind of style. 

Keeping Everything Environment Worthy 

Being in a technology-based industry, there’s an unspoken responsibility that we’ve taken up the fight against global pollution. We’ve taken steps to ensure that there is minimal contribution to that growing problem such as using recyclable packaging, plant based ink and vegan leather. It’s still a long way off to a perfectly plastic-less society but we are inching our way towards awareness and proactively environmental ventures. Ensuring that we keep to our standards of quality while maintaining our responsibility to the planet is our first choice. 

On A Final Note

Power and functionality is the total deal for the best charging solutions for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Getting that perfect combination will allow you to charge your devices quickly and efficiently. In our highly advanced and oftentimes fast paced society, that’s definitely a power plus factor.