Best iPhone 12 Accessories 

Many are still confused and in question with “what comes with an iPhone 12 box?” Apple has stated and it has been channelled through many media platforms that it is only the iPhone 12 that is in the box; no wall charger and no earbuds. This is because the company has decided to make its packaging more sustainable.

Because of what happened, your options to get iPhone 12 accessories just widened! Here is a list of the best iPhone 12 accessories that you can buy online!

The Best iPhone 12 Wall Charger

If you are the traditional type who wants a wired charger, we recommend the Q1 Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger. This is the best iPhone 12 wall charger for you because it has the latest Qualcomm Quick charge technology, this iPhone 12 wall charger will power up your iPhone 12 up to four times faster than a standard charger. It has a compact design with a foldable plug. This iPhone 12 wall charger is an affordable alternative and a perfect upgrade!

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The Best iPhone 12 cables

You can’t use your wall charger if you do not have a lightning cable. Here is one of the best iPhone 12 cables we know, the Pet Friendly Metal Tangle Free Braided Lightning Cable. Protect your cables from chewing pets with this lightning cable. With its heavy-duty, aluminum braided construction, it’s a potential lifesaver in any household with pets: playful cats or dogs.Its silver color makes it look more fashionable.

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The Best iPhone 12 Wireless Chargers

Tired of tangled cables and wires? We got you! Here is the best wireless charger for the new iPhone 12, the Apollo Marble Wireless Charger. It has three stylish colors, unicorn, black and gold. Just pick one which suits your personality. This iPhone 12 wireless charger provides a platform that charges your phone every time you put it down. It is the most convenient way to charge your iPhone 12.

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The Best iPhone 12 earphones

Since the new iPhone 12 won’t come with earbuds this year, you have plenty of choices to choose from. We will help you to decide, here is the best iPhone 12 earphone we recommend, the XR1 earbud. This iPhone 12 earbud is made to be comfortable and maintain durability. The speakers have been engineered to maximize sound output.

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The Best iPhone 12 car mount

Keep yourself up to date with important messages or notifications as you drive your way to work or somewhere else with the best iPhone 12 car mount, the Magnetic Dash & Windshield Mount Holder. It is also recommended if you love road trips! Just place your phone on the car mount and open your maps app for navigation! It has 6 Neodymium Magnets make this the strongest hold on the market, and you the savviest driver on the road.

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