Best Carbon Fiber Wireless Charger Power Banks

You’ve got the latest Iphone 12 phone and you’re thinking of getting the best wireless charger power banks online. We’re here to give you an amazing list from Rockstone

Best Wireless Charger Powerbank

Charge 3 devices at the same time via 2 USB-A ports and one via the wireless terminal. With a battery capacity at 8,000mAh, it’s a piece of cake even with all of them charging simultaneously. Juice up your iPhone 12 wirelessly while charging another iPhone 12 and a Samsung Galaxy S20 via cable. 

Beautiful Carbon Fiber Design in Red and White

Your wireless charger power bank will be the talk of the town. People will definitely comment on the beautiful metallic finished carbon fiber design of your portable wireless charger power bank. Match it with your white or red iPhone 12 and you’ll stand out in style.

Up To The Standards

This 8,000mAh fast wireless portable charger is Qi-Certified. It also meets the Apple and Samsung Fast Charging standard so your new iPhone 12 or new Samsung Galaxy S20 phone will be juiced up fast with a provided power of up to 10 Watts. 

Easy Recharging At Lightning Speeds

You can recharge your best carbon fiber wireless charger power banks through the micro-USB port. There’s also a battery light indicator to let you know it’s done, and you’ll not be waiting for long too. 

Our Brand Promise

All Caseco packaging materials are printed using plant-based ink. We ship our products to your doorstep with ecological sustainability in mind so the product you get uses only 100% recyclable paper. We actively support organizations aimed to maintain our planet’s natural resources. And in demonstrating our values, we have successfully eliminated single-use plastics in our production.