What A Modern Powerbank Should Be

Remember the time that you had to bring a spare battery for your phone? Back then, phones had removable batteries and keeping a spare was the norm. With advances in battery technology, non-replaceable batteries became standard, and so the power bank was born. As technology continues to evolve, the power bank has had to adapt in order to stay relevant. Let’s take a look at what a modern power bank should be. 

Changing With The Times

In the 10 years that power banks have been with us, it has seen an increase in charge capacity. With this increase in capacity, they are able to charge multiple devices at the same time and so, additional charging ports were added. Most power banks come with 2 charging ports as standard now. 

More Power

As mobile devices became capable of faster charging, this technology was incorporated into power banks as well. From 1amp charging to 2amp in the past, modern mobile devices are now capable of 2.4amp charging. This is considered the standard in mobile device charging while fast charging is now using variable voltage to give the best and most efficient charge to your phone. 

The Future Is Wireless

Did you know that wireless charging came before fast charging? Cabled charging remained the standard until fast charging came about in 2014. At around the same time, wireless charging was starting to take off. As more and more devices are becoming capable of charging wirelessly, the technology is slowly trickling its way into power banks. And if this becomes standard for all mobile phones in the future, then you bet it’s going to be standard in power banks as well.

Bridging The Gap

With all that said, the modern power bank should have enough capacity to charge two or more devices simultaneously. While most phones are not yet wireless charging capable, 2 USB ports should be plenty enough for you and your best bud. For it to be modern, it also has to be able to quick charge your phone wirelessly. That way, if you do upgrade your phone to say an iPhone 12, then you have the means to utilize its wireless charging feature.