5 Accessories To Complement Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra is a high-sounding buzz in the market, and almost everyone wishes to get their hands on this model as soon as possible. With a camera of 40 megapixels, 6.8 inches screen, 5000mah battery, and internal storage of whooping 256 GB, it has won the hearts of many! However, if you want to enjoy this phone to the fullest, you must have some essentials like a 3 in 1 fast wireless charging pad, a protective case, and cutting edge headphones.

Want to know what are the the essentials? Let's explore the accessories listed below!


  1.     Tie-Dye Bubble Gum Protective Case 

 Tie Dye Bubble Gum by Mandy

Does the worry about the screen protection of your precious Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra nag you every time? If yes, you are missing fun moments for sure! What is the use of your 40-megapixel camera if you avoid taking your phone to adventurous spots just because you doubt the security of your screen? The best way to push away these fears and make the fullest out of your investment is to find a perfect protective case that makes you feel secure wherever you take your phone. And if you are looking for one such product, then look no further! The tie-dye bubble gum protective case from Caseco is your ultimate choice.
This protective case is designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and is crafted by the local artisans of Canada. This cover gives you an impressive fresh look along with 100% protection from harmful pathogens because it has made with antimicrobial technology. Moreover, you can also get a matching wireless charger. Once you get your hands on a tie-dye bubble gum protective case, you won't even have to worry about charging! It is compatible with all qi-certified wireless chargers.  
  1.   Simpl Touch 2.0 Magnetic Cd Phone Mount 


While using your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in your car, you won't be able to effectively and efficiently communicate until you feel secure about the protection of your phone. To achieve this confidence like nothing before, all you need to do is invest in one of the most robust phone mounts in the market. And for making the best choice, select none other than Simpl touch 2.0 magnetic CD phone mount by the Mighty Mount. This mount is created with a highly innovative approach using six powerful neodymium magnets that will hold your phone with ultra power even on the bumpiest roads! It is compatible with all the case-free phones up to 0.8 mm thickness and gives you a most comfortable range of rotation.  
  1.     Aircraft Aluminum Lightning Headphones


What could be the best way to leverage the high base and crystal clear sound of Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra than having headphones? Once you get a suitable and quality pair, it becomes easier for you to enjoy the best songs, melodic music, or even call conversations with the highest clarity and peak performance. If you want to make the fullest out of your investment with the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra, then don't wait anymore and buy aircraft aluminum lightning headphones by Rockstone soon as you can. These earphones have a splendid geometrical design that fits just right and keeps comfort like no other headphones. Its cutting-edge speakers make sure to maximize the output and minimize sound loss.
Moreover, the built-in remote lets you take the reins right in your hand. You can adjust the volume, manage calls, and control playback according conveniently. All in all, aircraft aluminum lightning headphones by Rockstone are one of the best accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that keeps control and convenience at your fingertips. 
  1.     The 3-In-1 Wireless Charging Pad

 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

The most considerable anxiety that hovers around your mind when you embark on a long journey is your phone's battery. If you want to get rid of such stress, then there is nothing better than investing in a 3-in-1 wireless charging pad by Caseco. It can charge, not only one but 3 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phones simultaneously. Undoubtedly, it is the thinnest wireless charger that enables you to charge your phone directly through even with a case made of rubber, plastic, and TPU. It delivers 10-watt fast charging, exhibits temperature control, and switches off once your device has charged your phone completely. Moreover, the product is 100% eco-friendly and has non-toxic and non-hazardous material. It is a package of nitro 3-in-1 charging pad, 1x QUALCOMM 3.0 wall charger, and a cable with a warranty of three months.
  1.     Screen Protectors For Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung S22 Ultra Screen Protector


Screen protection is one of the biggest concerns for significant investments like the Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra. A 6.8 inches screen with a resolution of 1440x3088 pixels indeed deserves the best quality protection. And to serve this purpose with top-notch quality, get the screen protectors from Screen Patrol. They offer a broad range of screen-protecting products, including antimicrobial covers, anti-blue light, and privacy tempered glass to give high-end protection. Besides, it also provides you with the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and other smartphones. 

On A Final Note

With the release of Samsung Galaxy S22 series around the corner, you might be highly excited and waiting for the sale of accessories to use with it. But amidst all the excitement do not forget and do not compromise the safety of your device.

To know more about the features, perks and new additions for the Samsung Galaxy S22 device, visit the official website of Samsung.